Audenshaw 360° Test into WordPress

I’ve not added any 360° photos here before as they were impossible to get into WordPress, but now, thanks to Kuula, I can add them to my Blog, which means you can have them in your blogs and pages as part of my Web Design through my work (
Use your mouse to look around and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Please let me know what you think….

Fires on Stalybridge Moors

As many of you know, there are fires on the moors over Stalybridge, all around Carrbrook. I tried to get some photos today but the Police were there stopping people, which is really a good thing as it keeps us safe. I didn’t manage to fly the drone either as there are helicopters all around dropping water, so I obviously wanted to ensure that my drone was not in anyone’s way, so it was grounded. I may try again tomorrow from a different location.
For now here are some photos of the area and some photos of the surrounding areas.
If you do go to try and see the fire, please keep the roads safe and park out of the way so any emergency vehicles can get through. Stay Safe!


More footage of Ray Mill in Stalybridge for Lord Demolition.

Lord Demolition pulling down Ray Mill in Stalybridge.
It took just over 2 months from the fire to the entire building being a pile of rubble.
Visit our website to get in touch if you require our services.

This video is a compilation of 360° Videos put together to show you the timeline of the 2 months. There is also a nice collection of photos at the end, we hope you enjoy watching, please give us your feedback in the comments box below.

Photography & Aerial Photography by
Steve Procter @ Mobile PC Rescue, Manchester.


Dragonfly in the garden today

I was at work until this afternoon and decided to do a little gardening while the sun was shining. Imagine my surprise when I spotted  a Dragonfly sat atop my now headless tulips. After a few minutes he was still there so the camera was grabbed, at this point it had my most used Sigma 18-70mm Art Lens installed, a few shots later, he’s still there, so then I ran in and grabbed my Canon 300mm Lens with IS, I cracked off some more shots and then decided to get the Manfrotto tripod and the 100mm Sigma Macro lens, these shots are of course the best. I managed to get very close to him, he flew off a few times but came back, I even got that on video but the lens was on auto-focus so messed up a bit. I have been back out to get some better video but he’s nowhere to be seen, I just hope he returns tomorrow 🙂

Canon 70-300mm IS
Sigma 18-70mm Art
Sigma 100mm Macro
Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod
360° Dome Cam (security light)

Haworth 1940’s Weekend

Does anyone remember this photo?
I thought it was about 5 years ago, but it was 7 years ago, how time flies 😮
Taken on 2011/05/15
It was taken in Haworth at a 1940’s weekend, I was walking back to the car and saw this lady leaning in the doorway, the camera was off, so i quickly fired it up and snapped this lovely candid shot. The photo got thousands of likes on Social Media but I never found out who she was to give her a copy.
Last weekend (20th May 2018) at Howarth’s 40’s weekend, I was looking for this girl, I had almost given up on the hope of finding her when whilst sat having a brew, I noticed a girl behind my parents, I was not 100% sure it was her, so asked my Dad and he said he thought it may be her too, so I asked her, and YES, it was her 🙂 WOW, what are the chances? I now would like her to see this but forgot to ask her name – bloody crazy I know :p
Haworth May 2018 (1940’s Weekend) 0134 Taken on 2018/05/20

Final days of demolition at Ray Mill, Stalybridge.

Over the past few weeks I have been filming the demolition of Ray Mill for Lord Demolition from Oldham. It’s been great to see the professionals drop a fire damaged mill, and it’s also been upsetting as I worked there when Warmshield had it. I have literally hours of video …

The eye from the sky

We had a nice drive out on Saturday with friends while the weather was great.
We went to a place we found the weekend before on the way to Wales with lovely fields of Gold (I think it’s Rapeseed?)
This is my favourite photo of the day 🙂

Chester (Yellow Fields) 19th May 2018 DJI_0007 Taken on 2018/05/19 15:11:28