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Halfords Drivetrain clean – not good!

I use my bike quite a lot now to get around with my drone, I bought a Boardman E-Bike, a Topeak Pannier Rack and bag, it’s perfect for getting about and I am not carrying the drone on my back anymore which makes my life much easier 🙂

I decided the get bike cleaned up ready for a ride down the Weast coast, but Halfords almost messed everything up!

I ordered new tyres which where about £60 each, tubeless, after they had the bike for over 24 hours, I called the store to be told I’d be called back, which did not happen. After a lot of messing about they got the tyres to stay inflated, but said if I’m not happy go back after my ride for a refund, perfect! Well, after they said this, then tried to put my wheels on, the tyres were actually too big for the frame, so they all had to be stripped off again, and I ended up buying cheaper tyres so I could have some grip on the upcoming ride.
I also ordered a Drivetrain clean, you can read about that in my post below which I have put on their site, this is my 2nc complaint to them in as many weeks as they messed up the order on my Topeak pannier rack too.

I need to find a reliable bike place near home, wish me luck 😉

Driving from Manchester to Thornton-Cleveleys

Driving from Manchester to Thornton-Cleveleys & Blackpool then back to Droylsden, Manchester.
I had to go to Thornton-Cleveleys to do some work for a customer, right on the sea front, what a lovely place it is. After I finished work I drove to Blackpool in the hope I could fly the drone in some secluded area, but it was very windy, so I just headed back home. Maybe next time I will manage to fly? 🙂